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Plant-based PLA bottles

We represent a manufacturer of PLA bottles – preforms. Compostable, recyclable, burnable bottles for water, milk and juices. We believe in leaving future generations a healthier planet where consumer product packaging has a lower environmental impact, generates less waste, and is recyclable, compostable, and sustainable. Our PLA bottles, compared to fossil plastic bottles, have a much lower CO2 footprint..

biodegradable bottle for milk

End of life solutions for PLA bottles

Mechanical recycling

Mechanical recycling is the processing of our PLA bottles in which the chemical bonds of the plastics are not broken down. The waste is ground mechanically and melted by an extruder

Chemical Recycle

The chemical structure of our plant-based bottles is changed and broken down into the original building blocks (polylactic acid) that make up the PLA. With this polylactic acid new PLA bottles can be made.

Industrial composting

Our plant-based bottles of water can be composted in industrial composter factories. Material that is certified according to European standards EN 13432 and EN 14995


The plant-based bottles can also be collected for sending them to the incinerator our PLA bottles will burn without toxic outcome. Pressed in blocks our bottles will give the same energy value as hard wood.

Anaerobic digestion

The process by which organic matter such as food waste is broken down to produce biogas and biofertilizer. This process happens in the absence of oxygen in a sealed, oxygen-free tank.

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Our PLA bottles are ideal for.

The plant-based bottle is made out of Poly lactic acid, (PLA) a 100% compostable and recyclable material made out of NON GMO plants (no genetically modified plants are used). No petroleum resources are needed for this product..

With our plant-based bottle, companies like yours, can lower CO2, lower the use of single-use fossil plastic, create a circular environment. And show the world that they are lowering their environmental impact. We believe our product can support companies in all these benefits and…. give your company a great marketing tool to show the world how responsible your company is..

PLA bottles are better.

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PLA bottles of water

At the moment we have our PCO1810 PLA preform ready for mass production. This 23.5-gram preform with a 28mm neck is suitable for PLA bottles of 500ml. Other sizes like 330ml, 500ml, 1, and 1,5 liter will be presented later in 2023..

compostable plant-based closures and caps

Since 2008, we’ve been engaged in the production of PLA preforms (PLA bottles) tailored for compostable water bottles. Our compostable water bottles have garnered usage across significant events and have been employed by the US government. However, a challenge emerged with our plant-based water bottles – the absence of a plant-based compostable cap. This discrepancy prompted us to make a pivotal decision: we withdrew our bottles from the market with the commitment to reintroduce them only when we had achieved a fully plant-based end product. It’s imperative that the bottle, cap, and label are all devoid of fossil-based plastics to ensure the comprehensive processability of our bottles across diverse end-of-life scenarios.

The presence of a fossil plastic cap necessitates the involvement of two distinct end-of-life pathways. While the bottle itself demonstrates commendable composting capabilities, the cap and the encircling ring on the bottle’s neck remain resistant to decomposition, leading to contamination and pollution within the compost. On the contrary, when our bottle is subjected to incineration, it yields no harmful byproducts. This, however, cannot be claimed for the fossil plastic cap. Furthermore, in the context of recycling, the inclusion of fossil plastic within the recycling stream would taint the recycled PLA (R-PLA).

In light of these considerations, it became evident that it was time for us to embark on the development of a completely plant-based compostable cap. The journey to achieve this goal spanned 5 years, but we ultimately triumphed. Presently, we proudly declare the availability of 100% plant-derived compostable water bottles. Our PLA bottles, caps, and labels have all been transformed into fully plant-based components. This product can be seamlessly integrated into recycling processes, composting installations, incinerators, and even our proprietary patented composting machine, all without generating detrimental residual waste streams.

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compostable milk bottles

We asked ourselves….“Why are organic and natural products actually packed in oily bottles and why is there no plant-based alternative?”

At that moment the search for an alternative started. And in 2004 this alternative was found in PLA. A 100% plant-based bioplastic that does not contain petroleum or other harmful substances.
As far as we know, this makes us the first company in the world to develop a plant-based PLA compostable milk bottle. All this more than 15 years ago.

And to this day we still ask ourselves the same question that we have no answer to. “Why are organic and natural products actually packed in oily bottles?” It never had any logic and it still has no logic.
By using PLA bottles when packaging milk, yogurts, drinking yogurts, etc., a 100% natural end product can be created. No toxic packaging for your natural product.
In addition, PLA packaging can contribute to an increase in food waste in industrial composting locations. This results in more compost, less food waste, and packaging to the incinerator and less food and packaging to landfill. In our opinion, a lot of advantages.

Our Compostable milk bottles are 100% compostable in an industrial composting facility. They are 100% safe to incinerate if they end up in the incinerator and if this is present, our bottles can also be recycled perfectly as mono-stream PLA at a special PLA recycler.
Various end of life solutions that you can use to become greener as a company. Your CO2 footprint will be reduced with the use of our bottles and having 100% plant-based packaging is of course a very nice marketing tool.
To make optimal use of the marketing we can also supply full bottle shrink sleeves, of course also 100% plant-based. This makes the entire bottle usable from top to bottom as a means of communication to the customer.
If you are interested in the possibilities of our compostable milk bottles for your company and brand, please feel free to contact us.

PLA milk bottles - compostable milk bottle

The best plant-based caps on the market.

It took us 5 years to develop this cap, but we finally succeeded. Now we can confidently say that we have a 100% plant-made product. Now our bottle, cap and label is finally 100% plant-based. A product that can be processed in recycling, compost installations, incinerators, and anaerobic digestion without creating a harmful residual flow.

plant-based caps compostable caps
biodegradable bottles for juice

Plant-based bottles for juice

Compostable juice bottles made from plants are our latest product. A plant-made bottle for a natural juice product is the ideal combination. We provide the preforms and locally the preforms can be blown in the correct shape/size bottle.

Different neck sizes and different preform sizes for the plant-based bottles for juice, up to 2 liters, can be made.


compostable juice bottle 2

We think that our plant-made bottles for juice and compostable caps are a good alternative for juice producers to move away from fossil plastic as a packaging material. We are finalizing the development of the 33mm cap, and the 38mm preform. When it is ready we can fully start with a compostable juice bottle.
We are getting requests for different size bottles several times a week and we are working hard with our R&D team to put the plant-based juice bottle on the market.
If you are interested in the possibilities of transferring your production to plant-based bottles, please contact us and we will be happy to talk with you about what we can do in the coming future.

PLA Bottles - HPP treatment

Research rapport: Suitability Assessment of PLA Bottles for High-Pressure Processing of Apple Juice
The aim of the study is to test the use of polylactic acid (PLA) bottles as an alternative to (PET) ones for high-pressure processing (HPP) of apple juice. The treatment of PLA bottles at 600 MPa for 3 min did not cause alterations in the packaging shape and content, confirming the suitability of PLA bottles to withstand HPP conditions as well as PET bottles.

The present study assessed the feasibility of employing PLA bottles as an alternative to PET ones, for the packaging and subsequent HPP treatment of apple juice. In a perspective of improving food chain sustainability, PLA and other bioplastics may replace conventional plastics for some specific uses, such as fresh and minimally processed products, offering sufficient performances able to maintain the shelf life standards. This study proved that PLA is a valid sustainable alternative to conventional PET bottles for the packaging and HPP treatment of apple juice due to its: (i) Biobased nature, (ii) compostability/recyclability, (iii) mechanical resistance and ability to restore the initial shape after HPP treatment, (iv) protection offered to the product, which is comparable with PET for short-term storage.