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We are a PLA bottle manufacturer. Plant-based compostable preforms – bottles, caps, and labels. Since 2004 our company is making plant-based bottles, we started with PLA milk preforms for the dairy factory of the owner, and switch to water bottles in 2008. We have many years of R&D in our product and are now finally ready for selecting pilot sites to show the world it’s possible to step away from fossil plastic.

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Let’s get connected and start the shift away from fossil plastic. Change the world with our compostable bottles.
We believe in leaving future generations a healthier Earth where consumer product packaging has less environmental impact, generates less waste, and is both compostable and sustainable.

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What color do you like?

Transparent, light blue or white? Which color fits your brand the best? Compostable preforms – bottles can be made in different colors. 

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PLA bottle manufacturer

Do you need blowmolding equipment or plant-based packaging?

Our partners can supply fully equipped bottling lines, plant-based foils and films, compostable cutlery and cups etcetera. as well as different plant-based resin. Check out our partner’s website: 

PLA bottles manufacturer

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