PLA bottles - biodegradable water bottles - preform

Biodegradable water bottles are better.

Biodegradable water bottles from are, as far as we know, the only bottles that are completely 100% plant-based. We have a PLA preform – bottle, CAP, and label that is made from 100% plant-based material.

The world is in a dangerous situation and copes with the worldwide problem of plastics. Therefore the plant-based bottles of PLA bottles are an excellent solution to reduce plastic pollution in nature.

Biodegradable water bottles from

Our bottles are excellent for companies that host events and are in search of Biodegradable preforms – bottles. That’s why our compostable water bottles will be perfect for your green revolution of reducing plastic waste at events, but also cruise ships, airlines and catering, hotels, resorts are more than welcome to try out our product.
Biodegradable water bottles are made from 100% plants. This way, your company can:
– reduce CO2 emissions,
– reduce the use of fossil single-use plastic,
– create a circular environment,
– and show the world that they are reducing the impact on the environment.
At the moment we have a PCO1810 PLA preform, 28mm neck, 23,5 grams in light blue for a 500ml bottle of water. We are working on larger preforms for 1 liter and up, they will be ready later this year. Other neck sizes like 38mm and different preform sizes will also be ready around the end of this year.
Plant-based preforms – bottles have several end-of-life solutions, many more than fossil plastic.
-Recycling; We have several partners in the world that can support recycling the PLA waste stream.
-Industrial composting;
-Anaerobic digestion:
-Incineration; our bottles are safe to burn without toxic outcomes.


Putting our biodegradable water bottles on the market.

To get our biodegradable preforms – bottles on the market, we partner up with bottlers all over the world. To make the best plant-based water bottle out there. These bottlers can provide you with filled bottles of local water. Or we can work with current bottlers who already supply your company.

This is only a short introduction to our PLA water bottles, I like to show you more. Take a look at our website and see the different plant-based preforms we can supply to you. Besides our compostable water bottles, we are also manufacturing a patented composting machine that can compost all food waste and all compostable packaging, like our bottles. Within 24-48 hours, it turns into greywater that can be used as a fertilizer for the earth. Keep in mind that this machine is still in the development phase and it will take some months before it ready for market testing. (If you want know more about this bio-plastic digester send us an email) 

We also support our partners with; compostable wrapping, compostable shrinkwrap, compostable labels. 

Our compostable PLA Preforms

Our caps work

Our 100% plant-based caps work. Are leak free, fit your existing bottling line and 100% compostable.

15+ years of experience

Since 2004 we are making pla bottles and preforms. We have our own production facility in the USA.

Large supply or resin

We work with large PLA resin manufacturers. This will guarantee a steady supply of resin. And makes it possible to produce a large amount of preforms for the water, juice and dairy industry.

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